Welcome to the Reflective Writing Group!

Whether it’s making a list or keeping a diary, writing a heartfelt letter that will never be sent or simply covering the fridge in post-its, who hasn’t felt the benefit of writing things down?

Writing has been shown to be of benefit to our mental health and overall well-being. It can help to overcome anxiety, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. It can bring order to our everyday worries and provide a way to address those life problems that sometimes seem overwhelming.

So, will any writing do?

For some people, writing in a diary or jotting down notes is all they need. For others, the thoughts and worries continue to turn, conversations replayed, that inner voice nagging us about what we ‘should have done’ or ‘ought to do’.

Reflective Writing is a way of taking control of that inner voice, looking at those life experiences in a constructive and creative fashion with the aim of moving forward.

Reflective Writing is a well-recognised method used in the professional fields of Education and Healthcare. It is a method which can be adapted and used to good effect in our personal and working lives.

Reflective Writing means looking at our own life experiences with an honest and open mind. It means using writing to think deeply about who we are and where we want to be.

Think Reflective Writing is for you?

We offer a range of possibilities from one-day workshops to week-long courses. These courses are taught in small groups. The courses are currently available in France but we are open to bringing the workshops to where you live.

For more details or to answer your questions you can contact us by e-mail, telephone or post:

Deborah Alexander, Reflective Writing Group,  France.