ADHD and Mind Wandering

For those who enjoyed the Day Dreaming article featured on this site last year ( When A Child Daydreams, Where Do They Go? ), you might be interested in listening to Professor Philip Asherson talking to Claudia Hammond on All in the Mind (BBC Radio 4) in an insightful and interesting interview which focuses on ADHD and Mindwandering. If you are familiar with this tendency towards mind-wandering … Continue reading ADHD and Mind Wandering

Boys Writing For Their Own Good

Children’s Author Supports National Literacy Trust’s Children’s Diary Campaign Initially thrilled at news of the NLT project aiming to encourage children in their personal writing, as reported in an article on the BBC website ( ‘Author Jacqueline Wilson Backs Children’s Diary Campaign’) , my delight was diminished somewhat when I saw the following: ‘Girls are three times as likely as boys to keep a diary’ (Research … Continue reading Boys Writing For Their Own Good

Writing Workshops for 2017

The Reflective Writing Workshops timetable for 2017 is now ready! Mental Health is a subject increasingly in the news and I would like the 2017 Writing Workshops to play a part in addressing an issue that affects us all either directly or indirectly. So many people are affected by mental health issues of one kind or another….remembering that stress, anxiety and deep emotional upset fall … Continue reading Writing Workshops for 2017

When a child daydreams, where do they go?

  ‘What planet are they on?’ we mutter in exasperation. A child gazing out of the window can be a heart-sinking moment for a teacher or parent. We educators like to think everything we place before our pupils is engaging and stimulating but there will always be someone who mentally ‘checks out’ from time to time. A better question to ask might be, ‘Where do … Continue reading When a child daydreams, where do they go?