About Deborah Alexander

Deborah Alexander has been writing and teaching over the last twenty or so years. She has written educational articles plus poetry and story-writing guidelines for teachers in addition to children’s stories. She also co-presents the Girls Do Coffee show on Ex-Pat Radio with fellow presenters, artist Gwen Jenner and photographer, Liz Garnett.

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Deborah Alexander

She started as a primary school teacher but went on to teach students of a variety of ages and nationalities in both England and France. She divides her time between England (Leeds and Milton Keynes) and the South of France (near Perpignan). She has worked alongside the Modern Art Museum in Céret, the Céret Tourist Office and the Fenech Art Gallery in Céret.

The Reflective Writing Group is a recent project of Deborah’s which aims to help people use creative writing to reduce stress and manage day-to-day worries and anxiety using reflective writing methods. She has added Counselling Skills to her existing teaching qualifications in order to offer a fully-rounded course to participants.

A series of Reflective Writing Group workshops are planned for 2017.