ADHD and Mind Wandering


For those who enjoyed the Day Dreaming article featured on this site last year ( When A Child Daydreams, Where Do They Go? ), you might be interested in listening to Professor Philip Asherson talking to Claudia Hammond on All in the Mind (BBC Radio 4) in an insightful and interesting interview which focuses on ADHD and Mindwandering.

If you are familiar with this tendency towards mind-wandering which can affect ADHD children and adults, you might be interested in these tips picked up from the online magazine ADDITUDE:

  • If you are working or studying, limit what is on the desk in front of you to what you are working on at that moment.
  • Don’t begin editing or perfecting work until the first draft is completed.
  • Make a list of planned tasks or begin a bullet journal.

For those who have difficulty listening to presentations or lectures, the strategy of ‘constructive fidgeting’ (doodling, colouring for example) can help. The downside of this is that it can distract the speaker so maybe that should be discreet constructive fidgeting!