Writing Workshops for 2017


The Reflective Writing Workshops timetable for 2017 is now ready!

Mental Health is a subject increasingly in the news and I would like the 2017 Writing Workshops to play a part in addressing an issue that affects us all either directly or indirectly. So many people are affected by mental health issues of one kind or another….remembering that stress, anxiety and deep emotional upset fall just as much within the mental health category as clinical depression or bi-polarity.

Mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes. They can arise from the work issues, grief or relationship problems that appear throughout all our lives. These problems can affect us at any stage of life. They can arrive out of the blue and leave just as quickly, or hang around like an unwelcome visitor.

The Reflective Writing Workshops are designed to provide strategies for dealing with The Unwelcome Visitor that you can take from the course and use at home. These strategies are based on creative writing in a variety of forms.

The Reflective Writing Workshops are being held in Le Boulou, France in April, June, September and October 2017. Participants can sign up for a single day, two days or a weekend.

Contact us on reflectivewritinggroup@gmail.com for full details.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Deborah Alexander