The Reflective Writing Group


Whether it’s making a list or keeping a diary, covering the fridge with post-its or writing a heartfelt letter that will never be sent, who hasn’t felt the benefit of writing something down?

Writing….and often writing that will never be seen by others….has been shown to be beneficial to the mental health and well-being of the writer. It can help to overcome anxiety, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. It can help bring order to your everyday projects and problems.

If this is the case, will any writing do?

For some people, writing in a diary or jotting down ideas answers that need. For others, the thoughts and worries continue to turn, conversations replayed, the inner voice that nags us about what we ‘should have done’ or ‘ought to do’. Meanwhile, our hopes and plans for the future gather dust in the back of our minds.

Can we learn to look closely at our life experiences and learn from our experiences in a positive way? A way which we can use to improve the quality of our everyday lives?  Use to make positive plans for the future?

Reflective Writing is a method well-recognised in the fields of education and healthcare. It is a method which can be adapted and used to good effect in our personal and working lives. For me, reflective writing means writing that gives both the writer and the reader valuable insights that inform, teach, impassion, paint pictures and open up innumerable possibilities. It means writing from the heart, or soul, or somewhere deep inside. It means words that are laid onto the page with care or with emotion. It means words that spring from and lead to contemplation and analysis.

If you think that Reflective Writing can help you, read about the courses that we offer.

A Writing Retreat with a Difference!

To launch the Reflective Writing group, we are organising a series of Reflective Writing Workshops in France so that participants can combine the course with a relaxing holiday in Southern France.

We will provide step-by-step strategies within a relaxing and supportive environment for addressing issues that arise in your day-to-day life. You take home skills that can help you to face life challenges, manage stress and create the future that you want.

We will provide assistance in reflecting back on emotional experiences, either positive or negative, using writing skills that you will learn on the course. You will be taught how to use these writing skills to manage the present and plan for the future.

If you think you might be interested, why not take a look at the Workshops and Seminars page? If you would like more information, please get in touch and we will make efforts to answer any queries that you might have about the course.