What a Song and Dance!

    Who would have known? Tony Nyland, frequently on our screens in programmes such as Emmerdale and Shameless, and most recently as the postman in Coronation Street, has an alter ego of folk singer of some years’ standing. While Charles Hanson, real-life auctioneer and TV antiques expert from Bargain Hunt and Antique Road Trip, has a yearning for Strictly Come Dancing and has apparently … Continue reading What a Song and Dance!

New Landscapes, New Eyes

I could be wrong. There might be scientists out there who are sent into transports of delight simply by looking at the periodic table. And why not? But, for me, it’s the map that combines practicality and imagination in such delightful unison. No doubt for some, those lines on Googlemaps or Mappy do the job so why look for more? But for me it has … Continue reading New Landscapes, New Eyes

The Mountains Are Calling…

  Reading through the catalogue of Rosemary Bailey’s books one might come to the conclusion that it is she who is drawn to the mountains, in particular the Pyrenees, but this would not be the whole story. Readers no doubt have their particular favourites…for me it is ‘Love and War in the Pyrenees’, the true story of a newly-married couple divided by war with its … Continue reading The Mountains Are Calling…

Spread Some CyberKindness

In Children’s Mental Health Week, the message ‘Spread A Little Kindness’ is already, well, spreading, which can only be a good thing. We can only hope that there will now be a surge of kindness following in the wake of this message. But now, in a week when Children’s Mental Health is highlighted, I propose adapting their message for those young people already accessing social … Continue reading Spread Some CyberKindness

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK is from 6th February to 12th February 2017. This year the aim is to ‘Spread A Little Kindness’.  Whether you are a parent or teacher, child or adult, this aim is something we can all do in our everyday lives. Children look to adults to show them how to behave, so let’s set an example of kindness. Place2Be carried … Continue reading Children’s Mental Health Week

500 words children’s storywriting competition

If you think that children writing is important (see the article on Boys Writing), you might be interested in the children’s story-writing competition currently being run by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2. There are two age categories – for children aged between 5 and 9 years and for those aged between 10 and 13 years (the cut-off date for these ages being the 17th June … Continue reading 500 words children’s storywriting competition

ADHD and Mind Wandering

For those who enjoyed the Day Dreaming article featured on this site last year ( When A Child Daydreams, Where Do They Go? ), you might be interested in listening to Professor Philip Asherson talking to Claudia Hammond on All in the Mind (BBC Radio 4) in an insightful and interesting interview which focuses on ADHD and Mindwandering. If you are familiar with this tendency towards mind-wandering … Continue reading ADHD and Mind Wandering